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Our Philosophy

Dancing and laughing together, we enter the Luv Lite spaceship.
To the sounds of love and light, illuminating our paths filled with a deep primal longing to merge together as one. Surrender to the Heartbeat of Planet Earth and our Universe. You will be sucked right into your deepest essence, into electrifying vibrations, soul awakening sounds,wild and powerful expressions, don’t miss this invitation from these unpredictable masters. Listen to the storytellers from the Luv Lite family, transforming knowledge, poetry, desires into songs that will penetrate your soul. Luv Lite will burn your emotions into fire!

Fly free!

Surrender to what is and feel the power of love and light.
Light up your path! Luv Lite Recordings`s main focus is to show that life is a laughter, excitement and joy. Because the universe sings and dances!

(OG Spiritual Godess)

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