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claudio_web_400x400Claudio Ricci

With cultural roots in Chile, Claudio Cesar Ricci grew up in a strong musical environment. His father was a singer in a South-American folklore band with revolutionary background. Due to the dictatorship, his parents were forced to emigrate to Austria. Ever since, this view on politics and especially music, played a major role in his life.

2002 he founded the event platform MoviMiento, together with his friend and colleague Richard Rohr (Dj Saliva). The continuous success of the event series DIVINE lead to further gigs in vienna`s best known clubs and fetivals such as: Volksgarten, Flex, Pratersauna, Sass, Urban Art Forms, Beatpatrol, Frequency. These cooperations are important milestones along Claudio Ricci’s way to Austria`s top Dj league. … read more




DJ Henry has been deejay-ing for decades. He produces records as one part of Disco Wax & Elektropico since the 90s and has been doing so very successfully. His DJ sets are a testimony of his love for proper music & reflect the sound of his own productions: smooth, funky & soulful, but pumpin – just pure groove. Performs regularly with the creme de la creme of the national and international house music scene. As the manager of the renowned 3A – Audio / Artist / Arrangement company, he has made a strong impact on the Austrian club scene.

For Luv Lite Recordings he will come up 2013 with some exclusive afro latin house tracks. … read more




M+M_Web_400x400Makossa + Megablast

From the primordial drum beat of Africa, we have come far. The earliest origin of rhythmic drum objects and talking drums of the motherland, to the brand new long player from Vienna’s finest electronic drum ensemble Makossa and Megablast. Welcome to ‘Soy Como Soy’.

In 2007 the duo along with a host of talented singers and musicians created quite a stir with their debut album ‘Kunuaka’, on G-Stone recordings, receiving high praise from musical luminaries such as Gilles Peterson, Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. Everybody mentioned that the production sounds were tight, precise and sharply exact. DJ’s couldn’t get enough of ‘Kunuaka’. … read more




Winning his first Dj contest in the age of 16, inspired by Dope Beats, Reggae and Hip Hop he soon developed a passion for analog vintage studio gear and electronic music. As producer and one part of Vienna Electronic Dub Duo Makossa & Megablast he is a master of mixing Latin looseness, Afro-centric grooves and baile beats with the more structured format of House and Techno.

After releasing their debut album “Kunuaka” on Kruder & Dorfmeister`s G-Stone label he produced numerous tracks and remixes for labels like Compost, Man Recordings, Gigolo and Great Stuff. … read more



MikeleDio_Web_400x400Mikele Dio

Mikele Dio is an established well known DJ in Vienna’s Club Scene and new artist, of Luv Lite Recordings.

And his stuff is original, indeed. As with almost all artists on Luv Lite, his background is diverse and multifaceted – the best supposition to create extraordinary and innovative music that is supposed to not only make your ass move but also enrichen your overall listening pleasure. … read more







OG_Web_400x400OG Spiritual Godess

OG Spiritual Godess  arrived on Planet Earth more than thirty years ago in a mystical village called Manjonjo in Murewa , Zimbabwe.

Manjonjo is a beautiful village set in the middle of romantic Mountains, loomed by huge trees, their trunks rusty brown and reddish, thickened with deep layers of furrowed, rivers flowing  graciously downhill from one place to another and the earth deep red like full blossomed tomatoes. … read more




StefanSeelenwald_Web_400x400Stefan Seelenwald

Stefan Seelenwald started studying piano at age six. Since then he got educated in music at various institutes and on several more instruments like drums and percussion. Currently he finishes studying Sound-Engineering, with focus on radio-broadcasting, at University of Music, Vienna. Beside his studies he gained knowledge from internships in several music-business companies, for example G-stone, Sunshine Mastering or the ORF and was able to learn from several experienced producers like Megablast, Richard Graf, Daniel Wehr and Pelle Saether, just to mention a few.  … read more





Swound Sound // Makossa

Marcus Wagner-Lapierre aka MAKOSSA is a veteran of the Viennese Dj culture. He started spinning in the early 80ies and became head of music for Austria’s famous and nationwide public radio station FM4 in 1995. Makossa has influenced and animated thousands of music lovers in and around Austria and is known for his wide range of musical knowledge and taste. His legendary Saturday night show “Swound Sound System” with Mc Sugar B specializes in deep, dope, dubby & dirty funky, afro, cosmic influenced electronica has been running since early 1992. Makossa has compiled over 50 successful compilations. … read more




weisz&schrenk_web_400x400Weisz & Schrenk

Weisz & Schrenk are a twentysomething-up-and-coming-producer/DJ-outfit hailing from Vienna, Austria and rooting their distinctive and delicate style in electronic music in a lot of different things. Working together since 2010, they are ready to take the dancefloor, hearts and minds and most definitely the whole world …

Listening to music almost always evokes images that derive from the connotations the listener puts to the sound. When listening to the sound of Weisz & Schrenk a quite vast range of visualisations appear – urban sceneries, vast landscapes, fast lane driving, outer space adventures and emotional realms without form or colour. … read more




Sascha Weisz x Andreas Weisz = Weisz²