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Mikele Dio is an established well known DJ in Vienna’s Club Scene and new artist, of Luv Lite Recordings.

And his stuff is original, indeed. As with almost all artists on Luv Lite, his background is diverse and multifaceted – the best supposition to create extraordinary and innovative music that is supposed to not only make your ass move but also enrichen your overall listening pleasure.

Being one of Vienna’s most popular DJs in terms of sophisticated house and regularly playing prestigious clubs like Volksgarten, Sass, Pratersauna, Auslage and more. Mikele now takes his artistic efforts to a new level with producing and releasing his own original music.

He started out DJing very early, being socialised with all kinds of club music in the versatile 90ies, during a phase when creativity seemed to burst from every corner of the clubmusic-galaxy. Mikele has been hooked on club culture ever since he was a kid. DJing and creating the perfect mix – finding the right selection, the optimal blend and the technical skills to drive the crowd wild and to sheer bliss became his goal almost instantly. Finally, after spending a lot of his teenage years pracitising, he got his first DJ-gig at the Club Nove Nove in todays Park Royal/City Club at the age of 18 – and it’s been a blast. His career as a DJ had been kickstarted and promoters across the country wanted to see the kid go for it on the decks. He landed a residency at the notorious Club Rotation (now Club Fusion), supported heroes of house like Spiller, played at the Love Parade several times and in short, his career took off. But as life happens, while you make other plans, Mikele accepted a job-offer from outside the music business in 2003 and had to quit DJing due to shere lack of time – but as with every other music-junkie, of course he came back.

In 2008 he announced his return and immediately got a residency at the Vienna City Beach Club, followed by a shere flowed of bookings from clubs and festivals such as Volksgarten, Pratersauna, Sass, Urban Art Forms Festival and many more. He also has supported a lot of international DJs in that time like Rodriguez Jr, Nico Pusch, Mihalis Safras, Felix Da Housecat, Andrea Galluzzi, Marc Romboy etc… His return received a more than hearty welcome from the Vienna clubscene…

Also Austria’s leading alternative radio station, Radio FM4 had featured his sets on various occassions, which is quite something as Vienna is obviously not in shortage of Club-DJs who would love to do just that!

His DJing had of course great influence in his productions – focussing on a very characteristic blend of Tech- & Deephouse in his music, Mikele creates an atmosphere which is immediately recognisable, due to his background in groove-based music. Like with all good clubmusic, Mikele adds layers and meta-layers to his music that lift everyone of his house-tracks to a new level of sophistication – in his case, it’s the groove and the melodies – but don’t worry, the sum of the parts is: Elegant and funky is the key!

„A Kind Of Light“ is his first release for the Luv Lite Imprint and it features the wonderful vocal skills of Aminata Seydi. A deep and very groovy excursion into deep techhouse with a soulful twist that should leave a mark on dancefloors across the globe! Solid, you may say and for sure a track that should stay long in record bags and on playlists for some time!