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Marcus Wagner-Lapierre aka MAKOSSA is a veteran of the Viennese Dj culture. He started spinning in the early 80ies and became head of music for Austria’s famous and nationwide public radio station FM4 in 1995.

Makossa has influenced and animated thousands of music lovers in and around Austria and is known for his wide range of musical knowledge and taste. Back in the 1980ies he was resident DJ at the legendary Viennese Underground Clubs U4 & Camera. Heavy influenced by the Italian Cosmic scene, fascinated by NY cult labels 99 & Celluloid Records and growing UK label OnU Sounds, his sets were known for an ecclectic spectrum of unexpected sound experiences from Fela Kuti to Kraftwerk and Art of Noise to Africa Bambaataa.

His legendary Saturday night show “Swound Sound System” with Mc Sugar B specializes in deep, dope, dubby & dirty funky, afro, cosmic influenced electronica has been running since early 1992. Makossa has compiled over 50 successful compilations. After a few remixes & productions for/with Uptight, Sofa Surfers & Peter Kruder in the  mid 90ies, he finally teamed up with long-time friend Megablast.

Swound Sound

Their aspirations were to give the world an outlet for elegant dance music in style and good spirits, to carry over the airwaves intact the atmosphere of a hazy club night, to have guests from all over the world and, above all, to have loads of fun. Ever since 1992 the Swound Sound System (formerly known as Silly Solid Swound Sound System) with DJ Makossa & Sugar B has been bringing the party home to you every Saturday.

It all started with the first ever DJ mix show on Radio Ö3: It was DJ Makossa’s expert selection of exquisite vinyl cuts and Sugar B’s notorious wit which laid the foundation for Swound Sound’s legendary reputation.

Disco, funk, reggae, rap music, brand-new tunes and well-aged classics, peppered with splicings of obscure movie dialogues and voice-ins by featured guests, were the order of the day on their turntables. In the early days, the shows were recorded at the Musikmaschine (Arena Wien), then in an ancient derelict mansion in Purkersdorf called Kukupuka, before being staged ever more frequently at the Dub Club.

When 1995 word got around about a new youth radio station in town, Makossa and Sugar B packed up and set up their tents at FM4. As a result of the switch to FM4 their repertoire changed to adopt a more open, daring and progressive outlook: Between bombastic funk excesses, thunderous afro-percussive rampages, electronic beat frenzies, wildly meandering dub escapades and slo-mo grooves every style is at home at Swound Sound System.

In September 2004 Swound Sound celebrated its 500th airing. Its fans are widely scattered and international in nature, thanks in no small part to the benefits of digital dissemination via live stream – tapes of Swound Sound broadcasts have been reported to be circulating in such far reaches as Mexico and New Zealand. And Makossa and Sugar B. themselves haven’t stayed rooted to local frequencies, but are busy veering between clubs in New York, Vienna and Radolfzell as a perfectly complementary DJ/MC team.

Swound Sound has become synonymous with sophisticated grooves of all shades, a meeting place for music lovers of every persuasion, while the ranks of its fans have swelled and its allure has spread to more and more high-profile artists. Along with local luminaries such as Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister and the representatives of most homegrown record labels the programme over the years has played host to, among others, Pressure Drop, Adam Freeland, Chris Duckenfield, Gilles Peterson, Rainer Trüby, DJ Morpheus and DJ Loda. Since spring 2006 the Swound Sound shows are recorded in a loft in Vienna on a regular basis.