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Imaginary Soundtracks from Mos Eisley

Weisz & Schrenk are a twentysomething-up-and-coming-producer/DJ-outfit hailing from Vienna, Austria and rooting their distinctive and delicate style in electronic music in a lot of different things. Working together since 2010, they are ready to take the dancefloor, hearts and minds and most definitely the whole world …

Listening to music almost always evokes images that derive from the connotations the listener puts to the sound. When listening to the sound of Weisz & Schrenk a quite vast range of visualisations appear – urban sceneries, vast landscapes, fast lane driving, outer space adventures and emotional realms without form or colour. Like with any good electronic music, space is the place for the elegant and passionate techhouse-based sound the duo creates. With only a handful of releases under their belt, they already gained a lot of attention – be it from club-goers, blogs, all sorts of media and, of course, admirers of the electronic music arts as such.

Weisz & Schrenk claimed a very characteristic sound-aesthetic from the very start: club-oriented and beat-driven, but also smart and cinematic, tricky and deep, yet still accessible, funky and maybe most of all – soulful, with a translucent grounding of ethereal beauty like an underground river carrying dreamscapes to the far shore of an uncharted island.

Weisz & Schrenk have so far released a few remixes, among them the stunning afrospacefunk of their rework for Makossa & Megablast’s Smash-Hit „Soy Como Soy“, the brightly shining ambient soul remix of Konea Ra’s „Pray For Sun“ and the percussive minimal groove they put on Das Ende Der Welt’s „Gib Mir Mehr“ – visit their Soundcloud-profile for a listen.

But not only their own productions are a fine example for visionary artists engaging in an inherent and authentic musical cosmos. Their DJ-sets combine the efforts of similar minded artists, declining musical opportunism, cheap tricks and avoid the mainstream without falling prey to art for art’s sake. It still has to be fun! And you should be able to dance to it.

And 2013 will be the year for the release of original material by Weisz & Schrenk, apart from some more remixes for various artists – expect nothing less than deep and flawless, minimalistic electronic funk with an edge. Something for your mind, something for your feet. The course is set, all systems are go.