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Luv Lite 002 – Mikele Dio
Megablast presents MIKELE DIO — A Kind Of Lite featuring Aminata Seydi
Release date : Jun. 24, 2013
Label : Luv Lite Recordings
  1. A Kind of Lite featuring Aminata Seydi (Original Version)
  2. A Kind of Lite featuring Aminata Seydi (Weisz&Schrenk Remix)
  3. A Kind of Lite featuring Aminata Seydi (Radio Edit)

Megablast aka Sascha Weisz is one of Austria’s foremost DJs and producers, releasing on labels like International DeeJay Gigolo Records, Compost, G-Stone and his own Luv Lite Recordings as well as having been remixed by influential producers like Luciano and DJ Koze. It’s his own Luv Lite label that he appears on now, producing, alongside Stefan Seelewald, the latest single from DJ Mikele Dio. The record, ‘A Kind of Lite’ features the vocals of Aminata Seydi and a remix from Weisz & Schrenk, a pairing that sees Sascha’s brother Andreas team up with the excellent Michael Schrenk.

‘A Kind of Lite’ featuring Aminata Seydi is a slow burning but epic feeling track right from the off. The kicks under lap gently as whooshes of air and nimble synth lines grow to a peak. A tight, plucked hook adds plenty of funk and the shadowy vocal shines through with plenty of soul. When it reaches the mid point the track is a soaring house anthem with deft production that shines and glows bright.

As well as a radio edit there is a remix from Weisz & Schrenk. This version is more kinetic and bristling from the off, with train track like percussion racing alongside taught, well designed synths that add colour, depth and plenty of mood. Groovy but melodic, it’s the sort of track that elevates dancefloors to the next level with ease.

Another fine missive from this Austrian, crew, then, which proves them to be leading lights in the global scene. (